Community Service is a Valuable Asset

Community Service offers high school students compelling experiential service-learning that exposes them to real-life experience and community engagement that will prepare them for their future. The benefits are phenomenal not only for the student but their parents and the community – as students take a positive step from being a dependent minor to an independent and contributing adult within their community and beyond. By widening the lens of familiar silos, involvement and exposure through experiential community service-learning may inspire and influence their future career and higher-education choices. CCEF strongly believes that serving a community through service-learning is an immeasurable and valuable asset for young adults as they contribute, become involved, engaged, and empowered with pride and skills for a lifetime.

Updating community playgrounds

How You Can Help Today...

CCEF hopes to raise $25,000 in funding to establish and facilitate non-profit fairs, provide outreach initiatives, and promote CSIP throughout San Luis Obispo City and County. Please help by making your tax-deductible donation today!